How We Make Money

Our Values

At Top10Natural, we’re all about keeping it real. Our core values are honesty, transparency, and openness. We believe that trust is key, which is why we’re always straight up about how we review natural supplements.

Our review process is super thorough and standardized, so you can feel confident knowing that our reviews are totally up-to-date. If you want to know more, you can check out our full testing process.

We will never accept money to review a product.
We will never accept money to bias our research or investigations.
We will never accept money to turn a blind eye to an issue or flaw.
We will never accept money to change a product review.

Our Business Model

When it comes to our business model, we want to be totally upfront about how we operate, make money, and keep our site a free resource for our millions of visitors. So, here’s the deal: we never take money to review a product, change a product review, turn a blind eye to an issue or flaw, or bias our research or investigations. Our number one priority is putting you, the reader, first!

Now, we do get some fees from the natural supplement companies we recommend, but that’s only after we’ve done our review. We won’t let money sway us when it comes to our review process – we keep it real, always.

While referral fees don’t impact our natural supplement review ratings, they may impact how products appear on our site. They can also impact the score of advertised product listings on our paid search comparison charts, which can only be accessed via search engine advertisements.

We can’t promise we’ve reviewed every single natural supplement out there, but we’re doing our best to cover as many as we can. Our goal is to be the most knowledgeable, reliable, and trustworthy natural supplement resource on the web. So, kick back, relax, and trust that we’re giving it to you straight!